– import “gomatcha.io/matcha/text”

Package text implements text styling.

type Alignment

type Alignment int

Alignment represents a text alignment.

const (
	AlignmentLeft Alignment = iota

func (Alignment) MarshalProtobuf

func (a Alignment) MarshalProtobuf() pbtext.TextAlignment

type Font

type Font struct {

StrikethroughStyle represents a text font.

func DefaultBoldFont

func DefaultBoldFont(size float64) *Font

func DefaultFont

func DefaultFont(size float64) *Font

func DefaultItalicFont

func DefaultItalicFont(size float64) *Font

func FontWithName

func FontWithName(name string, size float64) *Font

func (*Font) MarshalProtobuf

func (f *Font) MarshalProtobuf() *pbtext.Font

type StrikethroughStyle

type StrikethroughStyle int

StrikethroughStyle represents a text strikethrough style.

const (
	StrikethroughStyleNone StrikethroughStyle = iota

func (StrikethroughStyle) MarshalProtobuf

func (a StrikethroughStyle) MarshalProtobuf() pbtext.StrikethroughStyle

type Style

type Style struct {

Style holds a group of text formatting options.

func (*Style) Alignment

func (f *Style) Alignment() Alignment

func (*Style) ClearAlignment

func (f *Style) ClearAlignment()

func (*Style) ClearFont

func (f *Style) ClearFont()

func (*Style) ClearHyphenation

func (f *Style) ClearHyphenation()

func (*Style) ClearLineHeightMultiple

func (f *Style) ClearLineHeightMultiple()

func (*Style) ClearStrikethroughColor

func (f *Style) ClearStrikethroughColor()

func (*Style) ClearStrikethroughStyle

func (f *Style) ClearStrikethroughStyle()

func (*Style) ClearTextColor

func (f *Style) ClearTextColor()

func (*Style) ClearTruncation

func (f *Style) ClearTruncation()

func (*Style) ClearTruncationString

func (f *Style) ClearTruncationString()

func (*Style) ClearUnderlineColor

func (f *Style) ClearUnderlineColor()

func (*Style) ClearUnderlineStyle

func (f *Style) ClearUnderlineStyle()

func (*Style) ClearWrap

func (f *Style) ClearWrap()

func (*Style) Font

func (f *Style) Font() *Font

func (*Style) Hyphenation

func (f *Style) Hyphenation() float64

func (*Style) LineHeightMultiple

func (f *Style) LineHeightMultiple() float64

func (*Style) MarshalProtobuf

func (f *Style) MarshalProtobuf() *pbtext.TextStyle

func (*Style) SetAlignment

func (f *Style) SetAlignment(v Alignment)

func (*Style) SetFont

func (f *Style) SetFont(v *Font)

func (*Style) SetHyphenation

func (f *Style) SetHyphenation(v float64)

func (*Style) SetLineHeightMultiple

func (f *Style) SetLineHeightMultiple(v float64)

func (*Style) SetStrikethroughColor

func (f *Style) SetStrikethroughColor(v color.Color)

func (*Style) SetStrikethroughStyle

func (f *Style) SetStrikethroughStyle(v StrikethroughStyle)

func (*Style) SetTextColor

func (f *Style) SetTextColor(v color.Color)

func (*Style) SetTruncation

func (f *Style) SetTruncation(v Truncation)

func (*Style) SetTruncationString

func (f *Style) SetTruncationString(v string)

func (*Style) SetUnderlineColor

func (f *Style) SetUnderlineColor(v color.Color)

func (*Style) SetUnderlineStyle

func (f *Style) SetUnderlineStyle(v UnderlineStyle)

func (*Style) SetWrap

func (f *Style) SetWrap(v Wrap)

func (*Style) StrikethroughColor

func (f *Style) StrikethroughColor() color.Color

func (*Style) StrikethroughStyle

func (f *Style) StrikethroughStyle() StrikethroughStyle

func (*Style) TextColor

func (f *Style) TextColor() color.Color

func (*Style) Truncation

func (f *Style) Truncation() Truncation

func (*Style) TruncationString

func (f *Style) TruncationString() string

func (*Style) UnderlineColor

func (f *Style) UnderlineColor() color.Color

func (*Style) UnderlineStyle

func (f *Style) UnderlineStyle() UnderlineStyle

func (*Style) Update

func (f *Style) Update(u *Style)

Applies the styels from u to f.

func (*Style) Wrap

func (f *Style) Wrap() Wrap

type StyledText

type StyledText struct {

func NewStyledText

func NewStyledText(str string, s *Style) *StyledText

func (*StyledText) At

func (st *StyledText) At(a int) *Style

returns null if a is outside of text range.

func (*StyledText) MarshalProtobuf

func (st *StyledText) MarshalProtobuf() *pbtext.StyledText

func (*StyledText) Set

func (st *StyledText) Set(s *Style, start, end int)

func (*StyledText) Size

func (st *StyledText) Size(min layout.Point, max layout.Point, maxLines int) layout.Point

func (*StyledText) Update

func (st *StyledText) Update(s *Style, start, end int)

type Text

type Text struct {

func New

func New(b string) *Text

New is a convenience function that returns a new Text that contains string b.

func (*Text) MarshalProtobuf

func (t *Text) MarshalProtobuf() *pb.Text

func (*Text) Notify

func (t *Text) Notify(f func()) comm.Id

Notify implements comm.Notify.

func (*Text) SetString

func (t *Text) SetString(str string)

func (*Text) String

func (t *Text) String() string

func (*Text) UnmarshalProtobuf

func (t *Text) UnmarshalProtobuf(pbtext *pb.Text) error

func (*Text) Unnotify

func (t *Text) Unnotify(id comm.Id)

Unnotify implements comm.Notify.

func (*Text) Value

func (t *Text) Value() string

Value implements comm.StringNotifier

type Truncation

type Truncation int

Truncation represents how text is truncated to fit within the bounds.

const (
	TruncationNone Truncation = iota

func (Truncation) MarshalProtobuf

func (a Truncation) MarshalProtobuf() pbtext.Truncation

type UnderlineStyle

type UnderlineStyle int

StrikethroughStyle represents a text underline style.

const (
	UnderlineStyleNone UnderlineStyle = iota

func (UnderlineStyle) MarshalProtobuf

func (a UnderlineStyle) MarshalProtobuf() pbtext.UnderlineStyle

type Wrap

type Wrap int

StrikethroughStyle represents how text is wrapped.

const (
	WrapNone Wrap = iota

func (Wrap) MarshalProtobuf

func (a Wrap) MarshalProtobuf() pbtext.TextWrap